The Fulton-Cushing Collection. The Fulton-Cushing Collection. The Fulton-Cushing Collection. The Fulton-Cushing Collection.  


Dr. Harvey Cushing Collection



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Dr. Harvey Cushing Collection

Project Description

To transform a part of the Hope Building located in the heart of the Yale School of Medicine Campus at 315 Cedar Street, into a center for the Dr. Harvey Cushing Collection. The Cushing Collection, as it has come to be called, is a combination of exhibit space for artifacts related to his work, and archival space for his papers, photographs, drawings and other personal effects. Part of the space will serve for teaching seminars and conducting research.

Architectural Plans of the Proposed Center

Dr. Harvey Cushing Center Architectural Plans.
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A limited number of signed, first edition, advance purchase copies of Harvey Cushing: A Comprehensive Collection of his Surgical Experience written by Dennis Spencer, M.D. and Aaron Cohen-Gadol, M.D. will be available for purchase to all donors.


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